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Grease Trap Maintenance.

Grease trap cleaning and maintenance service.

JSP Hire provides Grease Trap Cleaning in Limerick and all over Munster. The main problem with water treatment in food processing facilities and bakeries are fats, oils, and grease. These, along with food solids, are the most common causes of drainage blockages which causes problems with water treatment plants. With current legislation, all food processing facilities and bakeries need to have a grease trap system in place. We maintain your grease trap and set up a schedule on when the grease trap will be emptied taking the hassle out of looking after the water treatment.

Example grease trap
How Grease Traps Work
JSP provides Grease Trap Services to a large section of schools, bakeries, hotels, bars, nightclubs and factories.

Keeping Grease Traps cleaned regularly ensures your grease trap will stay in good condition minimising smells in the surrounding area. The little bits of food waste, fats and grease build over time causing major problems with water treatment plants. This means that grease traps need to be installed to catch the food particles and grease before it enters the sewers and drains. To keep your grease trap in working order you should contact JSP Hire as we are a permitted waste collector. JSP Hire work with all grease traps across Limerick and Munster and will remove the waste in the traps before it causes any problems. We offer great packages at reasonable prices and are available on emergency call outs if required. The collected waste is disposed of at our compost facility. You will be supplied with a cert once the grease traps have been cleaned and the waste removed from the site.

Unfortunately, the expense of cleaning your grease trap isn’t something you want to pay. It won’t help sale’s or build a customer base so this is why we have come up with packages to suit every size business, from small bakeries to large-scale food factories to schools. Often we are asked, “how often grease traps should be emptied”? really it depends on how much waste is entering the grease trap, but grease trap manufacturers say to clean out grease traps fully every 5 days which isn’t possible and realistic. Most local County Council’s demand that interior grease traps are cleaned once per month. Most times business owners monitor the grease and once 25% – 30% of the volume in the grease trap are solids or grease they then organise a clean out.

If you have questions regarding your grease trap and how to maintain it or to set up a cleaning scheduled, get in touch with JSP Hire on 087 797 7777.

Example grease trap
Example Grease Trap
Advantages to using JSP for your grease trap maintenance.

You will be supplied with a certificate when the grease traps have been cleaned and the waste removed from the site.

JSP holds a Waste Collection Permit.

Once we have assessed your needs we will return at agreed intervals to ensure your grease traps are running efficiently.

No need to make appointments each time.

Every business is different. Therefore JSP will examine your needs and create a tailored package for your business.

JSP is trusted in Limerick for over 17 years.

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