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Gutter Cleaning.

Professional gutter cleaning service.

JSP Hire is happy to announce their new Gutter Cleaning services in Limerick and Munster. We use high powered vacuums to suck the build-up of dirt in the gutters. Our gutter cleaning services are in high demand because we leave no mess, we don’t need scaffolding or ladders.

Some of our recent jobs include hospitals, schools, factories, offices, and houses. Our high reach capabilities make cleaning the gutters of even the highest buildings easy.

To insure the best cleaning possible we have cameras built onto our gutter cleaning system so we can see exactly what we are working with, it is also good to show the customer the quality job they have received.

We are Limerick’s leading gutter cleaning company with over 10 years experience of gutter and drain cleaning for residential and commercial properties. Our services are friendly, reliable and affordable and all our staff are trained in health and safety.

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Our Equipment

We use a top of the range vacuum machine. This vacuum machine is connected to a carbon-fibre telescopic pole that reaches up 12 meters. A high definition camera allows us to see the interior of your guttering from the ground. You’ll be provided with pictures both pre and post-guttering cleaning so you can see what has been done.

So if you need gutter cleaning in Limerick then call JSP Hire Services on 087 797 7777.

Quick, safe, clean and economical gutter cleaning service. Before and after images available via remote camera.
Why get your gutters cleaned?

If you have blocked gutters and they are left too long it can cause water damage and will make the area damp, the end result will end up costing quite a bit to repair.

We offer very reasonable pricing with option from residential to industrial that will fix any problems before they get out of hand.

Benefits of SkyVac and SkyCam systems.

SkyCam is a remote wifi camera which is connected to the top of the telescopic pole and takes the guess-work out or high-reach cleaning. It provides a clear view of the gutter interior and allows us to provide you with pre and post photos.

The 12 meter (40 feet) telescopic carbon-fibre extension pole allows us to clean second and third floor gutters from the ground. This is a much faster method and allows us to get the job done in a safe and unintrusive manner.

With SkyVac and SkyCam we avoid the need to first install heavy and expensive access equipment such as scaffolding and ladders. This helps protect your property and allows us to provide a cost effective service to you, our customers.

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