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Septic Tank Emptying.

Tank emptying service.

The European Court of Justice has ruled against Ireland for failing to have a proper system of licensing and regulating individual septic tanks. There are at least 40,000 septic tanks (CSO, 2006) in Limerick and records are patchy. There is evidence that many septic tanks are poorly constructed and/or maintained and are point-source polluters of watercourses and groundwater. Our nationwide network of tankers is capable of tackling the biggest of drainage problems. We recommend that your septic tank or bio-cycle is emptied at least once a year.


Legislation and regulations on waste management changed on January 1st, 2012 in Ireland. You will now have to register your tank with your local County Council. At JSP hire we ensure your septic tank or bio-cycle works effectively by emptying and cleaning it regularly disposing of waste in the most environmentally suitable manner.

JSP uses a fleet of modern OC Mechanical Supply Trucks and tankers for a quick, clean and reliable service.
Getting your tank desludged.

If you have not had your tank cleaned out on a regular basis there is a good possibility that your tank is not working as efficiently as it should be. At JSP Hire we service septic tanks around the Limerick and Munster area. We leave your tank desludged meaning that there is a higher chance that the tank will pass the inspection. If your tank fails the test, the inspector would make recommendations to you and your tank will be inspected again after the work has been done. There are further costs involved for re-inspection and this would be on top of what it has already cost you to rectify the problems. These costs could include a new treatment system and/or a replacement of the percolation area. So think ahead and get your tanks cleaned our and avoid any additional costs.

f you need more information about getting your tank desludged or cleaned in Limerick please send us your online enquiry, or give us a call on: 087 797 7777.

For Septic Tank Repairs get in touch with our recommended partner company Adare Bio Care on 061 395 819 or visit: www.adarebiocare.com

Adare Biocare
Benefits of Septic Tank Maintenance.

The staff at JSP Hire Services have a comprehensive knowledge of all applicable regulations and will make sure your property is compliant.

Regularly emptying your septic tank keeps it from overfilling and causing damage. Prevent clogging which can cause your waste system to fail.

Protect your property from the substantial and costly damage that can occur because of sewage backflow due to the tank overflowing its capacity.

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